Intensive care is the branch of medicine that deals with diagnosis, treatment and care of patients under critical disease conditions that require follow-up with advanced organ support systems and interventions. Intensive care units are called according to their characteristics. SURGICAL INTENSIVE CARE provides clinically care and treatment for patients in need of intensive support during the pre-operative and immediate post-operative period. INCLUDING INTENSIVE CARE UNIT carries out treatment and focused on cardiac, respiratory, neurological, hematological, hepatopancreatic and all medical problems in adult patients. Yücelen Hospitals are the units that provide twenty-four hours of health services with the anesthesia and reanimation of internal and surgical intensive care units. In these units, the principles of multidisciplinary work that they can ask for 24-hour consultations are applied. Our intensive care team, which carries out the care of our patients with all aspects, is in communication with physicians in all branches, both surgical and internal.

Our hospitals are critical for adult and pediatric patients with surgical equipment and multidisciplinary approach to all ages and weight in surgical intensive care units (surgical intensive care and cardiovascular intensive care) and internal intensive care units (anesthesia intensive care, coronary intensive care, neonatal intensive care) provides support. Patients with advanced life support are followed up and treated in intensive care unit. Artificial respirators and monitors are suitable for all types of monitoring. The vital functions of our patients are monitored for 24 hours with advanced monitoring and necessary medical treatments are performed. All necessary laboratory and imaging tests can be performed at any time of the day.