G5 massage is an extremely effective and beneficial type of massage for the body. It has an extremely important place as it provides fat burning, destroys cellulite formation and even prevents aging formations.
G5 massage, which is a special massage technique that accelerates fat burning, is also effective in regulating regional circulation, accelerating metabolism, and providing blood circulation. After the G5 massage, which is a very effective massage, it is seen that the chronic fatigue complaints of the people are also relieved.

Large fat cells are broken down by ultrasound waves. The surrounding tissues are not damaged during the application. Radiofrequency is a technology that uses ultrasound vacuum technologies together. To the heat and sound waves transmitted under the skin by radiofrequency waves, the fat tissues are broken down and the skin tightens and recovers. By using sound waves, collagen production in the skin is activated and an incredible tightening and lifting effect occurs on the skin.
It aims to thin the jowl area by applying 4-8 sessions once a week. It also helps in the recovery of connective tissue.


The aim of laser epilation is to destroy  hair roots. In Alexandrite lasers, the chromophore is the target melanin, which is used to see the laser under the skin and generate heat.
In Nd:Yag lasers, it is oxyhemoglobin. In simultaneous pulses, these two chromophores are heated and the hair root is heated more effectively. Alexandrite laser is effective, fast, hair loss, Nd: Yag is effective, it is effective in deeper hairs and it is effective in fine hairs, but it is painful. As a result of using these two together, the energy dose given to the skin is used by half of each, so both the pain is reduced and it is more effective.

Diode Laser, also known as ironing laser, is a laser epilation application that can be applied to every skin type in four seasons without a break. It has technology that can adjust the wavelength according to the skin and hair type of the person. With wavelengths of 800 nm – 950 nm, it offers fast and effective laser epilation to people.
Diode lasers work very well on deeply located hairs. Diode laser is a good choice for deeply located hairs such as the bikini area and especially men's shoulders and back. Since it is absorbed at a lower level by the melanin pigment, it can be used on dark skin and even tanned skin.

For the first time, it provides fast slimming with 1.7 MHZ Ultrasonographic frequency, while it provides the most effective results in cellulite treatment and tightening thanks to its additional heads, vacuum RF and 40k ultrasound heads.
With our device, which provides regional thinning and tightening by using sound waves, it provides removal of excess in areas such as hips, hips, legs, neck, jowl, abdomen and arms from the first session and improves the appearance of cellulite.