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Neurosurgery is a medical science that deals with the surgical diseases of the brain, spinal cord, nerves and structures and relationships that support this system. Our hospitals provide comprehensive services in the diagnosis and treatment of brain and spinal cord diseases. These services are provided at any time of the day and all facilities are provided to our patients fully in the emergency conditions. Pre-operation and post-operative support services and patient care are provided by specially trained staff. The richness of preoperative systemic, neurological and radiological examination methods and the post-operative advanced care units are the other important factors that increase the quality of the services we provide. Our team is committed to providing the best service with the awareness that every patient is special, and sending the patient to his or her home and work place in good condition.

Diseases treated in this Department

•brain tumors surgeries

•treatment of cerebral vascular diseases

•neck and neck hernia

•trauma surgery

•hypophysis surgery

•hydrocephalus surgery

•surgical treatment of spinal cord and other spinal cord diseases