This surgical discipline covers two main parts: aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

Plastic surgery includes aesthetic surgery, while reconstructive surgery; jaw and facial surgery, head and neck surgery, micro surgery, hand surgery, accident surgery, surgical treatment of congenital defects and burn treatment.

In aesthetic surgery operations and attempts, reshaping of the organs and parts of the body which are actually normal. Here, it is generally aimed to increase the self-confidence of individuals and to facilitate them to have better relations with themselves and their environment.

Reconstructive surgery and interventions, trauma, cancer, infection or congenital structural defects due to reasons such as lost organs and tissues and restructuring of the organs are aimed to win.

Methods used in plastic and reconstructive surgery, the techniques used in the world and our country is developing every day.

As Yücelen Hospitals, we continue our services by following these developments closely and applying them.

Transactions in these departments of our hospitals;

• Abdomymoplasty (tummy tuck)

• Blepharoplasty (Eyelid aesthetics)

• Brow Lift

• Liposuction

• Liposhapping

• Breast reduction

• Mastopexy (breast lift)

• Otoplasty (ear aesthetics)

• Rhinoplasty

• Face lift

• Face implant application

• Botox application

• PRP implementation

• Dermal felling application

• Hair, eyebrows, eyelash cultivation

• Peeling treatment (skin renewal)

• Vulvoplasty (Genital region Aesthetics)

• Gynecomastia (Eliminating breast size)

• Tendon, vein, nerve cuts

• Face trauma

• Soft tissue and bone damage

• Hand Anamonias

• Face and ear anamony

• Cleft lip and palate

• Scar Revision