Diagnosis and treatment services are provided in our urology clinics about prostate diseases, sexual diseases, testis, kidney, ureter, urinary bladder and pediatric urology.

The most important point targeted in the provision of services is to solve the health problems as quickly as possible. For this reason, these clinics are equipped with the necessary equipment to be used in urological diagnosis and treatment, and presented to the service of our patients.

Diseases treated in our urology clinic and procedures performed;

•Prostatic inflammation, prostate enlargement, prostate cancer

•mesane diseases (inflammation, tumors, stones)

•kidney diseases (inflammations, tumors, stones)

•urinary diseases (inflammations, tumors, stones)

•urine incontinence in women and men

•premature ejaculation in men, erectile dysfunction, erection problems, penis curvature and prosthesis


•ESWL (stone crushing)

•classic surgeries (kidney, urinary tract, bladder, prostate, testis)

•laporoscopic surgeries (kidney and prostate)

•percutaneous stone surgery (kidney stones)

•endoscopic surgeries (bladder and prostate diseases, urinary tract stones)

•Radical operations (prostate, bladder, kidney cancer)

•varicocele operations

•prostate biopsy with