Headaches, movement disorders and parkinsons disease are the most common diseases of admission to the neurology outpatient clinic, paralysis due to cerebral hemorrhage or vascular occlusion, epilepsy, diabetes mellitus ,a variety of diseases including alzheimers disease, speech disorders, multiple sclerosis, imbalance and dizziness caused by various causes. Diagnosis and treatment of all these diseases are performed in our clinic.

The necessary infrastructure and personnel are working in all areas, from the emergency department to the intensive care unit and the patient floors. The neurology clinic of our hospital has the principle of providing health services in this area with the support of emergency department, radiology and laboratory units and brain surgery clinic that works for 24 hours.

EEG (electroencephalography) device and EMG (electromyography) device are available in our clinic. Diagnosis and treatment of various neurological diseases, especially epilepsy, are performed with the EEG device during the operation of the brain. The EMG device is a diagnostic tool for the diagnosis and treatment of nerve damage, cuts, inflammation and muscle diseases.