Deparment of Otolaryngology

Yücelen Hospitals, department of otolaryngology works in a multidisciplinary manner and the early diagnosis and treatment of diseases is carried out by experienced physician staff and modern innovative technology infrastructure. Medical and surgical treatment diseases made by specialists are as follows:

Throat Diseases

• Inflammatory diseases and tumors in the lips, oral cavity and throat

• Treatment of snoring and apnea

• Tonsil and adenoid diseases

• Inflammation and tumors of vocal cords

• Voice and speech disorders

• Alimentary canal diseases

• Inflammatory diseases of all kinds of salivary glands, tumors

• All kinds of diseases in the neck

• Facial trauma and fractures

• Deformities in the face area

Ear Diseases

• Hearing loss, acute and chronic ear infections (odiometric and tympanometric investigations to be performed on every patient with hearing loss and dizziness) are performed in all our  hospitals.

• Dizziness

• Tinnitus

• Tumors in the ear

• Distortion of the ear and external ear canal

Nose Diseases

• Inflammation of the nose and sinuses

• Allergic rhinitis, odor disorders

• Nasal blockage

• Formal nose problems

• Tumors in the nose and sinus, inflammations