In our hospitals, services such as menopause and osteoporosis, birth control management, follow-up of risky and normal pregnancies, diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic cancers are provided starting from general diagnosis and treatment services related to gynecology and childbirth.

General Jinokological Services

From adolescence to menopause, we provide polyniclinics and services where all health problems of women of all ages can be diagnosed and treated, and routine control and preventive medicine applications are carried out successfully. Infections causing gynecological diseases are performed primarily by ultrasound examination for early diagnosis of gynecological cancers, pelvic mass, menstrual irregularity, colposcopy of PAP SMEAR test and modern devices in gynecological examinations.

Pregnancy Follow-up and Birth

One of the most important and sensitive periods in womens life is the process of pregnancy. We are working with our obstetrics clinics in our hospitals along with expectant mothers and we are working to make this process healthy for babies and themselves. The beginning of pregnancy follow up of all the mothers until the birth in our hospitals are done with ultrasound devices. Diagnosis-related routine tests include bilateral test, fetal nuchal translucency, triple test, cervical length measurement, fetal monitoring etc. routinely. Depending on the development of pregnancy, normal, cesarean or epidural anesthesia and birth options are also successful. In all normal births and cesarean sections, baby intensive care physicians and nurses are accompanied by births. In all of our hospitals, we see that all babies whose births are performed after the follow-up period are at least as good as our mothers as an indispensable part of our services.