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In our hospitals eye diseases clinics, routine eye examination is given to every patient and contact lens and eyeglasses are applied. Ophthalmology is carried out by experienced physicians who are experienced in ophthalmology and examinations. As is known, eye examination is an examination of the devices.Eye diseases can also be diagnosed after detailed examination.

All ophthalmologists to follow the working principles of the devices and the latest system devices in technology with knowledge of using them. Together with our experienced doctors in our hospitals, we are working with the latest technological examination and surgical devices.

Devices used in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases:

•OTOREFRACTOMETER AND AIRPUFF: is used to measure eye pressure with the right eye number and eye contact with a computerized eye examination.

•BIOMETRY AND EYE ULTRASOUND: To measure intraocular lenses in biometry cataract surgeries and to display the structures behind the eye device.

•PACIMETRY: To measure corneal thickness

•BREAKING AREA: Used for the detection and monitoring of visual field and visual pathways due to eye pressure disease or neurological diseases.

•OST (optical coherence tomography): used in the diagnosis and follow-up of the visual center (macula, yellow dot) and deeper layers of the visual nerve. It is a radiography-free tomography device since it works with optical system.

•FUNDUZ FLOSEREIN ANGIOGRAPHY (FFA): is used for examining the vascular structures at the base of the fundus. Diabetic retinal injury is useful in the diagnosis and follow-up of laser otokoagulation therapy, vascular occlusion, hereditary retinal diseases.

•ARGON LASER: used for laser treatment of the retina due to eye damage and other pathologies

•FAT LASER: Used to treat diseases in the anterior part of the eye. It is used for lens contamination or eye pressure treatment after cataract surgery.

•EYE BACKGROUND MICROSCOPE: Special microscope, which is specially developed for surgery, is used in detailed eye surgery.

•FACTO AND VITRECTOMY DEVICE: used for cataract surgery and vitrectomy operations.