he General Surgery Clinic of our Hospitals is committed to providing modern, effective and reliable services in all areas of general surgery with its experienced staff. Computed tomography, magnetic resonance (MRI), ultrasonography, laboratory, direct radiography and endoscopic imaging methods are used in the hospital.

The most common diseases and operations performed in our hospitals are as follows:


• Diseases of gallbladder,

• Inguinal hernia,

• Liver cysts, tumors, appendicitis

• Anal region diseases such as hemorrhoids, fistulas, fissures

• Thyroid gland (goiter) diseases,

• Spleen diseases

• Intra-abdominal organ diseases such as stomach, intestine, pancreas,

• All hernia operations such as herniated disc and hernias


Our patients who applied for gastroscopy, duodenoscopy and colonoscopy to our endoscopy unit are treated with sedation and without sedation. The processing time is quite short and the rate of the breakdown is negligible. In these procedures, esophagitis, ulcers, gastritis, polyp, cancer can be diagnosed by evaluating esophagus, stomach and intestines. In addition to diagnosis, therapeutic services are performed in the same session. These procedures include control of bleeding, removal of polyps, removal of foreign substance, feeding tube from stomach to feeding tube . Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopan- rography (ERCP) is also performed in our endoscopy laboratory. This technology is used for the surgical removal of bile duct stones or for the treatment of biliary tract tumors.