fizik tedavi ve rehabilitasyon ile ilgili görsel sonucu


Increasment the life of people has effected this with more joint disorders, accidents and trauma fractures, some congenital diseases are increasing the importance of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation day by day. Our hospitals fully equipped FTR unit provides services for inpatients and outpatients. In our hospital with cardiovascular surgery service, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is an indispensable complement of treatment. Similarly, intensive joint prosthesis and arthroscopic ligament repair in our hospitals are rehabilitated before and after physiotherapist. - Short wave, ultrasound, cold pack, hot pack, vacuum interfarence tens, diadynamic currents, infrared, electrical stimulation, traction, paraffin, massage, galvanic current and instrumental exercise programs as a result of our physical therapy specialist is applied by our experienced physiotherapist.

Diseases that can be treated in our unit;

• Waist - Neck Hernia

• Rehabilitation of paralyzed diseases

• Meniscus treatment

• Rehabilitation of patients with knee and hip replacement

• Rehabilitation before and after ligation

• Hand rehabilitation

• Rehabilitation of disorders caused by acute trauma

• Arthrosis treatment

• Treatment of rheumatism and degenerative diseases

• Rehabilitation of facial paralysis

• Rehabilitation after sports injuries

• MS rehabilitation

•Parkinson disease

• Rehabilitation of spinal paralysis

• Broken rehabilitation

• Scoliosis rehabilitation