Our emergency services provide 24/7 uninterrupted service with an experienced and dynamic staff that respects patient rights, is ethical, fast and reliable.

In our emergency department, patient examination and emergency rooms are designed to respond to the privacy of patients and also includes patient beds. Our technical equipment is designed to ensure that all kinds of urgent cases can be carried out easily and adequately.

All patients who apply to our emergency department are stabilized to ensure that their initial care and can be started immediately after they come to the emergency department, whether they are life threatening or not and primarily, their situations are evaluated by a knowledgeable and experienced triage nurse (who determines the patients priorities). The vital signs of the patient are recorded and immediately examined by the emergency department doctor. The patient, who is examined by the emergency doctor, is also examined by the relevant specialist if necessary and the treatment is arranged.

The ambulances in our emergency departments are designed in accordance with the ambulance management of the Ministry of Health. In our ambulances, emergency physician, nurse, paramedic, and drivers who are experienced in first aid. Our ambulances, which have all necessary equipment and technology, provide seven days twenty four hours uninterrupted service.